Introducing WAI Australia Conference Guest Speaker Karen Brook


Karen Brook is an entrepreneurial expert, a results mentor and someone who is truly focussed on converting thinking into results. For the past decade she has worked with individuals and teams, helping them achieve the results they want.

“I help people set and achieve big, beautiful and bold goals. My clients go beyond what they thought was possible for their business and their life. The people I work with take control of their life and make their dreams a reality”.


Multiplying Your Personal Effectiveness: Making The Quantum Leap

Do you have a big goal or dream you would like to achieve sooner rather than later? Learn how to make the Quantum Leap and go to a new level of success and achievement quickly and effortlessly by using yourself and your environment in a new and different way. Discovering the power of a big worthy goal and how to create new habits and beliefs in line with the outcomes and results you desire to have in your life.

Read more about Karen:


Introducing WAI Australia Conference Guest Speaker Jill Bailey -National Operations Manager RAAus


Jill commenced flying in RAAus in 1998 and gained her RAAus Instructor rating and a PPL(A) in 2006.

In 2008 Jill was issued with an RAAus Chief Flying Instructor Approval and operated Temora Flight Training for over 4 years, employing 4 instructors and using 3 aircraft during this time. They operated a Tecnam Sierra and Eurofox aircraft as basic trainers.

In 2011 Jill was employed by RAAus as Assistant Operations Manager and then in 2014 she was appointed as the RAAus Operations Manager.

During her flying career she has had many wonderful aviation experiences including flights in aircraft such as the Trojan, an Avro Cadet, Thorpe T18, various RV6’s, Lancairs, Skyfox and Gazelles as well as going solo in a glider. She and her husband Norm built their own Jabiru Taildragger in 1999 and have flown it to many locations across Australia.

Introducing WAI Australia Conference Guest speaker Hayley Wilson – Learning & Development Co-ordinator RAAus

Hayley Wilson RA AUS


Hayley joined RAAus earlier in the year and has since been working toward the rollout of a suite of online training packages. She also works behind the scenes as the RAAus audio-visual guru developing additional interactive material for members.

Hayley’s background consists of marketing, training and education. Growing a team and company is what Hayley is most passionate about. Having developed multiple websites, social media pages, lead generation strategies and online learning training packages she brings a fresh look to the RAAus team.She had the privilege to fly for the first time with Jill Bailey (RAAus Operations Manager) in a Tecam Sierra, and now understands why people have a passion for flying and what the buzz is all about. You still can’t get the smile of her face.

Hayley’s enthusiasm for growth started in New Zealand where she competed internationally in track and field for a number of years. As Hayley says “my energy and enthusiasm is part of me and now it’s part of helping our RAAus members learn and grow.” Hayley’s a quiet achiever and gets a buzz from watching others use her material to make a positive change

Introducing WAI Australia Conference Guest Speaker Marilyn Andre -Senior Campus Manager Boeing Flight Services Australia(BFS).

Marilyn Andre Boeing.png

Marilyn is responsible for leading the overall performance of the Boeing campus to provide flight-crew and maintenance training services to aircraft operators in the region

BFS is a strategically located network of campuses providing training and support to customers on a global scale.  BFS Australia has been formed in partnership with Virgin Australia.  The training centre is located a Melia Street, adjacent to Brisbane International Airport in Queensland. BFS Australia delivers flight-crew and maintenance training to a wide regional base of customers operating aircraft platforms such as: B777, B737,B717,E190 and AEW&C 737.

Prior to joining the BFS Australia organization, Marilyn held senior leadership positions in training and education as well as in the aircraft industry.  She has worked as a qualified pilot (domestic and international).  Marilyn founded Skyclass Aviation in Johannesburg, offering both airline charter and cargo flights throughout Southern Africa.  Since her arrival in Australia she has held the position of Aviation Course Coordinator at Swinburne University of Technology and the Operations and Program Manger of RMIT University Flight Training School.  Marilyn has also worked as the Director of Studies and Trainer China for the Australian Vocational Institute

Marilyn is a Bachelor of Commerce graduate (Honours),holds Pilot type ratings in Airbus A319/A340, Boeing 747-400 and Jetstream J41, training and educational qualifications.

Marilyn is a member of the Boeing Australia Holdings Board of Directors, representing Boeing Flight Services Australia.



Introducing WAI Australia Conference Guest Speaker RAAF Squadron Leader Samantha Freebairn – C-17 Globemaster Pilot & 2016 Young Global Leader winner, Samantha also holds the National Vice President Role with WAI Australia.

Sam Freebairn WAI Speaker

Squadron Leader Samantha Freebairn is an operational C-17 Globemaster pilot, flying combat and humanitarian relief missions. She is currently the most senior woman pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force, the first female Air Force pilot to return to operational flying after having children and is employed as the Operations Flight Commander for 36 Squadron and their fleet of eight C17 Globemaster aircraft.

In 2014, Samantha won the QLD Telstra Business Women’s Award in Business Innovation for her Graduate Pilot Scheme, which incentivises military aviation to women who had never previously considered it, which has successfully doubled women pilot numbers in the Air Force in 2 years, when they had remained stagnant for the prior 30 years.

Samantha has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Masters of Leadership, is a mum of 2 young children, the wife of a truly patient man and has recently been appointed by the World Economic Forum as a 2016 Young Global Leader in their list of most influential global leaders under 40 years of age.

Introducing WAI Australia Conference Guest Speaker, Paul Bennet – World renowned Airshow Pilot & Aerobatics professional.

PBennett (1)

Paul Bennet’s life is marked by a continuing search for perfection and excellence. He is not satisfied unless he is learning, refining a skill, or conquering a challenge.

Whether he is sailing a 16ft skiff on Newcastle Harbour, sailing a 50ft ocean racing yacht, flying one of his 200mph radio control jets, or flying his 400hp Wolf Pitts Pro, Paul is always at Full throttle.
In airshow flying, Paul is known as one of Australia’s and the world’s premier airshow performers with his exceptional piloting skill and professionalism. Paul has been performing at airshows since 2005. In 2009 Paul was crowned the Australian Unlimited Aerobatic Champion, receiving the Phillips Cup. In 2011 and 2012 Paul won Unlimited in both the Qld and Victorian State Championships.

One of Paul’s greatest loves was always his love for aviation. He always had a passion for timberwork and he started working at Luskintyre Airfield building Tigermoth Wings. Being in and around the airfield helped him kick start his aviation career, and he obtained his Pilot’s License and while working at Luskintyre Airfield Paul started his aerobatic training with Phil Unicomb.

Paul quickly developed the skills needed and along with the determination to be an aerobatic pilot. He started competing at several aerobatic championships to improve his skills as a pilot and soon found himself winning numerous competitions during this time.  He went on to become the Chief Pilot for the Wirraway Aviation Museum in Qld and eventually moved onto purchasing his own very successful joyflight company, Aerohunter, based in Newcastle, NSW. Paul employed his good friend and fellow aerobatic’s pilot Glenn Graham to manage the Aerohunter business, which has grown into a huge success.

Paul’s love and passion for aviation has driven him to share his aerobatic skills to the world, it has been through this love and determination for success within the industry, that Paul Bennet Airshows was born. Pauls skill in both low level aerobatics as well as antique and warbird displays can be seen at airshow’s all around the world, whether he is performing in his 400HP stunt by-plane or other warbirds, to watch him fly is an absolutely breath taking experience.

More information on Paul Bennet can be viewed on the following link


Introducing WAI Australian Conference guest speaker Dr Zara Dennis and learn about her airborne STEM education outreach program.

DR Z.jpgZara  may only just be about to get her PPL, but her fledgling pilot status has in no way hindered the idea of establishing an airborne education outreach program.

Zara moved to Melbourne from the UK in 2008, to complete her PhD in Geophysics. Somewhat of an education innovator also, in 2015 Zara’s inspiration and ingenuity in STEM teaching received recognition as one of three inaugural winners of the Teacher Tall Poppies Award, an accolade presented in conjunction with Melbourne University (among others). Zara’s airborne education outreach combines her three great loves: Science, Aviation and Education. In taking Science from the page to the sky, FlySCI! eclipses geographical barriers to bring engaging, informative, and most importantly inspirational STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) experiences to children and young adults in rural areas. Not every child will grow up to be an aspiring scientist, but to foster curiosity, inspire young minds to ask questions and set out on a path of discovery, is a fundamental aspect of ensuring the future of scientific literacy in our society. In an ever-increasing global community, location should not be a limiting factor on the opportunity for scientists to share and inspire the next generation to achieve their dreams, “to inculcate the coming generations with an enthusiasm for the wonder, beauty and endless potential of science” (Ian Chubb, previous Australian Chief Scientist). The fledgling scheme has received huge encouragement. Predominantly received backing from PrimeSCI! and aviation expertise from Lilydale Flying School where she learned to fly, partnership with the Growing Tall Poppies program is also helping to establish connections with rural communities.

As far as aviation specific endeavours go, IFR is the next significant aim for Zara as soon as she has had chance to get up some PPL hours. Initially FlySCI! has the capacity to travel within an approximate radius of 600 km (overland) from Lilydale Flying School, but this distance will increase rapidly as the program develops, including the capacity for location hopping into the outback and eventually the inclusion of Tasmania.

Zara, known by many as “Dr Zee”, hopes FlySCI! will become a flagship for enthusing coming generations with a boundless curiosity, and love for science and discovery. A dream to extend students scientific wonder and discovery underpins FlySCI!’s commitment to Science education and endeavour, making it a sterling example of innovation and ingenuity in its field, reaching out across the skies to inspire young people in Science.

More information on Dr Zee and FlySCI! can be found by visiting the Monash University web site





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