During the week of March 6-12, women and girls of all ages will be given the opportunity to experience various fields of aviation in an effort to advance gender balance in the industry.  The global aviation awareness week for girls of any age was founded in 2009 and continues to grow each year in participation and support within the industry.

WIA Chapters and members across the globe support this week long event with many participating since its inception.  This offers WAI chapters opportunities to share with participating individuals the many benefits of membership to the organisation and the amazing opportunities that are available to our members.

Not only does WAI support iWOAW events during the week in March, we continually offer support to women and girls throughout the year 24/7 with our in house mentoring programs, engagement through our conferences, both regional and international,  we offer education through our STEM pathways program and various educational events such as our free cocktail evening in  Celebration of Gender Diversity event being held at Avalon Airshow this year.

We offer the opportunity for financial support through our scholarship programs and the wonderful networking opportunities that arise from attending WAI events and celebrations.  During September we also host our global Girls in Aviation Day – another opportunity to attend and learn about aviation.

So if you are participating in iWOAW for the first time, why not consider a membership to our WAI Australian chapter, we will support you through your aviation journey.

Membership Information


Inspire, Engage, Connect – #IamWAI







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