Women in Aviation Australia (WAI) celebrate International Women’s Day in Spectacular Fashion – #WAIfemaleflight

On March 8th travelers across 9 destinations witnessed a unique event, with all female airline crews, ground crews, air traffic controllers, dispatchers and refuellers, participating in a first time event across Australia to celebrate International Women’s Day in the aviation industry.

WAI Australian Chapter founder & pilot Tam Camilleri said:

‘The WAI Australian chapter initiative was designed to highlight the many diverse roles that women play across our complex industry and to celebrate the incredible achievements of the women working in these roles today.

‘It is important for us to provide role models for the next generation, to achieve this we need to share with them the diversity of our industry and help them to see that there are so many wonderful opportunities and pathways into aviation.

‘With the support of our partnering airlines, military, air traffic teams and ground support teams we were able to share with millions of people across the world the various roles women hold in Australian aviation.


WAI Australia collaborated with Airservices Australia, Jetstar, Qantas, Cobham, Virgin Australia, AirBP and the Royal Australian Airforce, to launch these flights and highlight the range of occupations open to women in the aviation fields.

Event Statistics

  • 12 Commercial flights
  • 5 Aircraft Types
  • 9 Destinations
  • 20 Airservices controllers
  • 2 Firefighters
  • 2 Aircraft Refuelers
  • 2 RAAF Air technicians
  • 2 RAAF Operation Specialists
  • 15 Pilots

Women in Aviation (WAI)

The Australian Chapter of Women in Aviation International is Australia’s only national not-for-profit dedicated to the advancement of women in all fields of aviation. The volunteer-run organisation has a diverse membership including student pilots, corporate and airline pilots, maintenance technicians, engineers, air traffic controllers, business owners, educators, journalists, cabin crew, high school and university students, air show performers and airport managers. WAI Australia supports young women into careers with their long standing mentoring program, scholarships and education forums.