Emma Taberner, New Wings Success Coaching

Emma Taberner is a private pilot, past President of the Australian Cessna 180/185 Club and passionate supporter of vintage and antique aircraft.  Her favourite day of the week is any day she can take to the skies in her bright blue Super Cub.

When she’s not aviating Emma is a leadership coach, and her business, New Wings Success, focusses on creating the innovative leaders of the future.  Emma works with both companies and individuals to help them achieve outstanding business and personal results.

She spent over 20 years leading, coaching and mentoring teams in logistics, manufacturing and transport for companies like Sorbent and Schweppes.  She now helps organisations to create world-class workplace culture where empowerment and collaboration are not buzz words, they are an expected standard.

She works with individuals to help them overcome challenges that are holding them back from career success or personal fulfilment.  She specifically loves to support girls and young women to see new opportunities and help them to grow in courage and pursue their dreams.

Emma is looking forward to connecting with our Emerging leaders attendee’s during the live stream EML Virtual event.

You can read more about Emma on her web site here www.newwings.com.au/join-the-community


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