About Us

WAI Australia is a chapter of the internationally recognized organization, Women in Aviation International (WAI).

Women in Aviation International (WAI). The Australian Chapter (WAI Australia) was established in 2015 and is a led and ran by a dedicated and passionate team of volunteers.

WAI Australia is a community of passionate people dedicated to making a difference in the world. We commit to this by connecting, engaging and inspiring the next generation of aviation professionals, as well as providing platforms to enable current industry participants to develop and excel in their chosen fields. We know girls must be excited, informed and supported to pursue their aviation dreams. To accomplish this, the WAI Australia Chapter offers a variety of initiatives and resources offering meaningful opportunities for students, women and industry to connect. We encourage and facilitate pathways for girls and women to seek out and pursue opportunities in the aviation and aerospace sectors, and to highlight the contributions of pioneering girls and women in aviation throughout history and today.

The chapter is able to achieve all that they do through the ongoing and continuous support of a broad community, which includes our members (Corporate and individuals), industry, academia and education institutions. We all collaborate to inspire and make change.

To learn more about the international organisation head to wai.org

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