Education Outreach

Our Education outreach is one of the most important aspects of our mission to connect, inspire and engage with the community to promote without exception all careers in the aviation and aerospace industries.

Our education resources, events and programmes are aimed at those wanting to join, learn about or promote the different careers in aviation and aerospace. In addition to those who are looking to progress or change their current roles within the industry.

The outreach programme has no limit to age. Our different and ever-growing amount of resources start from aviation detailed colouring pages to our soon to be released careers guides.

This page is a tool to facilitate the connection between industry, members, community and educators to provide education of aviation careers. Keep reading below to see how you can get involved as an educator or industry representative.

Girls in Aviation Day - GIAD

GIAD events are a global event hosted by WAI chapters usually in September each year. We assist in hosting multiple events across Australia,.Making this our largest educational event. The event is aimed towards female students aged between 8-17 years old and, has a purpose to show them all the possibilities that are there - through an interactive and close up experience to all things aviation! The one-day events are hosted across a wide range of locations and vary from year to year. In 2019 WAI held the fifth international Girls in Aviation Day. This event was a huge success with 119 individual events across the globe, which reached approximately 20,000 attendees. WAI Australia continues to work with schools and industry to host as many Girls in Aviation Day experience as possible.

Industry and WAI Member Involvement in Education

If you are a member of WAI or work/have experience in the aviation and aerospace industry and are passionate about providing education and careers information to the broader community you can now register with us, so that we can facilitate the connection between you and those seeking education and inspiration.

The way you get involved is completely up to and may include guest speaking at schools and career trade shows, participating in webinars, or developing educational resources and activities.

We have tools and resources that we can provide you for presentation and are happy to work on new ones with you.

Register to share your passion!

Send us your information to get involved in education outreach.

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Educators or Community Groups

We want to help connect you members of the industry and provide resources to promote aviation and aerospace industry careers to your students!

If you would like more information about how to get your students involved in WAI events, or how to get WAI involved in your school events simply click the link below and register your interest!

Don’t forget to check out the resources tab in the meantime.

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