EML Virtual Event – Registration for Virtual Presentations & Panelists

WAI Australia is now seeking expressions of interest from engaging and insightful presenters and panelists for our 1st VIRTUAL Emerging Leaders Forum (EML).  Due to the current uncertainty surrounding the Corona Virus and the challenges of hosting face to face events, the WAI Committee has made the decision to host this years EML event via a Virtual platform. 

This platform will provide WIA Australia and our wider community with an incredible opportunity to create an unlimited outreach, delivering inspiring content to the virtual delegates.

Virtual Panelist Session – 10:30-12noon

The EML Forum will be hosted by our MC who will engage with our panelists and attendees to create an interactive and educational session.  Panelists will be introduced and their BIO shared with attendees.  This year’s theme is based around Accelerated  Aviation Pathways and panelist are encourage to share different pathways into their industry or area of expertise, also considering a focus of regional location opportunities. The EML Panelist session will run for 1 1/2 hours including the Q&A

Please submit a short BIO & high resolution JPEG head shot to corporate@waiaustralia.org when you submit your registration for the event participation

Pre-Recorded Virtual Presentations

The Virtual Presentation sessions are a unique opportunity to share your expertise with the WAI community. Your audience will include women and men from various aviation and aerospace professionals and in particular students who are aspiring to aviation and aerospace careers.

Presentations must be Pre-recorded via a platform which will be provided by on of our team, and should be 30-45 minutes in duration. The Virtual presentations are designed to be delivered 1 week prior to the scheduled Q&A.

Please feel free to share photographs, videos or any materials that you believe would be engaging to participants.

Please include details of the following in your presentation:

  • How did you find yourself in an aviation field/career
  • What do you enjoy the most about your job
  • What was your pathway to this field/career
  • Were there any challenges that you faced during this time
  • What are the skills required for this area of expertise
  • What areas of study is important for this field – ie –STEM subjects etc
  • What advice would you give a young person undertaking this career today

If you would like to showcase a particular area of your expertise or industry please be sure to be as inclusive and detailed as possible regarding the pathway required.

We welcome interactive presentations that will connect with the audience. Workbooks and other content or resources can also be provided for use. Whilst we would endeavor to ensure your IP is secured and the content creators acknowledged, we would request your approval to use and share any content provided.

Pre-Recorded Virtual Workshops Sessions:

The Virtual Workshops are designed to be delivered with the guest speaker presentations 1 week prior to the Q&A.  The workshops should be designed to assist the delegates with challenges they may face preparing for a career pathway into aviation.

The concepts could include challenges that individuals may face in certain aspects of their careers into aviation, challenges with   ‘Imposter Syndrome’ , ‘Use of Transferable Skills’, ‘Creating Leadership or Resilience’, ‘Creating the perfect Resume’ and so forth.

The pre-recorded session will be provided to delegates 1 week prior to the scheduled Q&A live stream session and will also be made available for WAI members to access via the private membership portal. Whilst we would endeavor to ensure your IP is secured and the content creators acknowledged, we would request your approval to use and share any content provided

How to Register

Simply, complete the below Emerging Leaders Virtual Guest Speaker registration and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your participation.

If you are submitting a Virtual Workshop Presentation your completed presentation is due by September 25th, 2020. Proposals will be carefully reviewed for the subject matter and relevant topic. Selected Virtual Presenters will be notified no later than October 1, 2020.

If selected you will be required to provide a 150-200-word bio and a high resolution photograph, please have this prepared as we will require it no later than October 5th.

For more information or questions email president@waiaustralia.org

Please note: Participation is on a volunteer basis; WAI Australia is a volunteer run Not For Profit organisation we rely on the generosity of our volunteers to engage, connect and inspire our future generation of aviation and aerospace professionals.

Emerging Leaders Virtual Presentation Submission Form