Virtual Panelist Session

The EML Forum will be hosted by our MC who will engage with our panelists and attendees to create an interactive and educational session.  Panelists will be introduced and their BIO shared with attendees.  This year’s theme is based around Accelerated  Aviation Pathways and panelist are encourage to share different pathways into their industry or area of expertise, also considering a focus of regional location opportunities.

The EML Panelist session will run for 1 1/2 hours including the Q&A

Virtual Guest Speaker Sessions:

The guest speakers sessions will be provided with a Speaker Brief & questions by the coordinator to assist with the development of their presentation. The pre-recording of the session will be requested to be finalized and submitted by a set date which will be advised.

The pre-recorded session will be provided to delegates 1 week prior to the scheduled Q&A live stream session to allow delegates time to prepare questions for the live session.

The guest speaker sessions are designed to showcase various aviation and aerospace experiences, careers and share with attendee’s concepts for dealing with challenges that individuals may face.  Ideally the Guest Speaker could provide information on support networks, mentoring and various career pathways that would assist the younger generation.

Virtual Workshops Sessions:

The Virtual Workshops are designed to be delivered with the guest speaker presentations 1 week prior to the Q&A.  The workshops could be designed to assist the delegates with challenges they may face preparing for a career pathway into aviation.

The concepts could include challenges that individuals may face in certain aspects of their careers into aviation, challenges with   ‘Imposter Syndrome’ , ‘Use of Transferable Skills’, ‘Creating Leadership or Resilience’, ‘Creating the perfect Resume’ and so forth.

The pre-recorded session will be provided to delegates 1 week prior to the scheduled Q&A live stream session and will also be made available for WAI members to access via the private membership portal.



All EML Forum Volunteers registration is FOC .

WAI AUSTRALIA is a Not for Profit organisation, we rely on the generosity of volunteers to deliver these events and are unable to cover speaker fees or time of attendance.

Thank you for your support