Individual memberships

Individual Memberships

To be a member of Women in Aviation Australian Chapter (WAI Australian Chapter), you must first become a member of Women in Aviation International (WAI).

Step 1 – please sign up to WAI

Step 2 – upon receiving your WAI membership # return here and select your membership plan and follow the prompts.

Other information – You will receive separate communication from us and WAI regarding each of your memberships – Both memberships need to be maintained to remain part of us here at the WAI Australian Chapter.

Membership Inquiries:

Membership options for the WAI Australian Chapter

Standard Member $23.00

Member Benefits

  • Discounted/free in-person & virtual events
  • Member-only resources
  • Newsletters
  • Access to industry experts
  • Connection & networking with other members
  • Access to scholarships

Ambassador Membership $100.00

The Ambassador Membership is designed for those in the industry who are wanting and able to financially support the activities of the WAI Australian Chapter.

The membership fee is $100 – $23 of which covers your individual membership and $77 which is a donation to our chapter.

The donated amount will be used to help fund the following initiatives: Free events or tickets for school-aged children (8-16 years of age) and/or WAI Australian Chapter Scholarships.

A report of how the funds have been used will be provided at each AGM.

Select Your Payment Cycle
Select Your Payment Cycle
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    The collection of these details is primarily so that we can register you as a member of WAI Australian Chapter This information will be stored in our database and associations register. Your details will be used in accordance with the terms of the constitution which may include, newsletters, meetings notices, event information, and any other purpose necessary to comply with a requirement of the Act or the Regulation. In accordance with the constitution, the register of members must be made available for inspection, unless indicated otherwise we will only make available your name and the state in which you live.

    Please contact if you would like to change this. WAI Australian Chapter will consider that the individuals completing this form consent to their personal details being used in the manner indicated.
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