SOAR – Mentoring Program

Aviation can be a challenging industry to choose a career in regardless of your chosen aviation discipline. WAI Australian Chapter wants to reduce those challenges by helping the future of the industry through mentoring.

Our initial Mentoring program will run for 6-months, The program will match Mentees and Mentors together based on the required developmental areas of the Mentee and the relevant experience of the Mentor.

Being a Mentee in our Mentoring Program is a free benefit that comes with membership with us. Numbers will however be limited to the available numbers of Mentors for each cohort.

We have already secured several highly experienced and knowledgeable Mentors from within the industry, who are ready to help you SOAR.

Their fields and expertise cover, flight training/instructing, General Aviation management, aviation law, Military, flying – helicopters/fixed-wing/ fast jet, commercial management, Defence Industry, operations, safety, accident investigations, executive management, engineering, project management, logistics/aviation supply chain management, communication, public speaking, training and assessment, aircraft sales, personal growth, and networking.

Expressions of interest for the June 2021 cohort have now closed.

Please keep an eye out on this page for the next cohort.

Soar Mentorship, 2021 Program Guide