#WAIFemaleFlight takes to the skies for International Women’s Day 2021

At airports and across the sky women are keen to contribute to International Women’s Day. Women pilots, flight crew, engineers, air traffic controllers, refuellers, customer service staff and aviation rescue fire fighters, all play their part to ensure a flight moves safely from gate to gate.

This International Women’s Day (IWD) March 8th 2021, WAI Australia will be again collaborating with Airservices Australia, Jetstar, Qantas and Qantas Link to launch 26 all-female flights to highlight the diverse range of aviation occupations open to women.

These flights will be operated by all by all female flight crews, and where possible female staff in the above-mentioned roles.

The aim of these flight’s is twofold. Firstly, it is a moment to celebrate all the fabulous women and their contributions in the fast-moving aviation industry. Secondly, it is an opportunity for those in the industry to showcase their roles and encourage the next generation of women to get involved.

We feel strongly about this year’s IWD #choosetochallenge theme and believe that in highlighting these women we are challenging outdated gender role stereotypes which still exist.

We all know that seeing is believing. Research shows that the presence of female role models provides three core benefits to aspiring women. Role models:

    • represent and expand what is possible in the minds of those that look up to them.
    • inspire women to be more ambitious and aim higher.
    • demonstrate the mindsets and behaviours of how to rise.

Our feature flight of the day, with the special callsign in honour of Amelia Earhart – the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, is Qantas Earhart 922.

This incredibly special flight will be escorted for departure by 4 female fighters working for the ARFFS. Additionally, with female Air traffic control staff on shift for its clearance, taxi, and take-off there will be female voices on both sides of the radio.

This flight will depart at 0905 from Sydney where it will then make its way to Cairns.

Jessica Walton, an air traffic controller at Airservices Australia, is happy to be involved in the day’s activities:

“I remember that, as a young teenager, we had a family friend who had a career in STEM. She inspired me to continue my passion for the physical sciences, which eventually led to a role in the aviation industry. As an air traffic controller, I keep the aircraft in my airspace safe and also get to enjoy the challenges of the job where no two days are the same. I hope that my participation in IWD encourages others to chase their dreams, especially in the aviation industry.”

She encourages any young woman wanting a career in aviation to consider a career at Airservices Australia as an air traffic controller.

Highlights of the flights will be showcased throughout the day on March 8 on our social media sites: